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Privacy Policy

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What personal data do we collect and why do we collect it

Confidentiality statement

Travel Plans Marrakech Agency’s privacy policy strives to ensure the protection of your personal information through responsible practices.

We deploy all efforts to protect the private nature of your personal information. Since we collect information about you using our website, we feel that it is important that you understand how we collect and use this information. This page summarizes our personal information collection practices.


The personal information collected by Info Entrepreneurs is done so exclusively with your consent, using a form posted on our website, an email received from you, or by telephone. No information is collected automatically.


The information collected is only used by Travel Plans Marrakech Agency staff, for the purposes defined at the time of the collection or a use that complies with these purposes. We do not share your information with any third parties. As mentioned above, we use your personal information to appropriately process your requests, and present you with the information you need to access. We also use all of the information you provide voluntarily, to make your site visits possible. This information might, at a later time, allow us to add customized elements, to our site or to plan its content more appropriately, based on user interests. If you have permitted us, we can use your personal information to send you newsletters, with the intent of offering you the best service possible. At all times, the sender of an email prepared by Travel Plans Marrakech Agency is easily identifiable and reachable, via email or phone.


We will not, in any circumstances, share your personal information with other individuals, or organizations without your permission, including public organizations, corporations, or individuals, except when applicable by law. We do not sell, communicate, or divulge your information to any mailing list. We can offer to add your address to Travel Plans Marrakech Agency or list server if you request it. In this last case, you may at any time ask us to remove your name from such lists. The only exception is if the law or a court order compels us to. We will share your information with government agencies if they need or request it.

Personal Information Protection


All the personal information you supply is protected according to the federal government’s Privacy Act. This means that you are entitled to know when the information is collected and to be informed of the purpose of such collection, but also to access said information. We are legally bound to save all personal information you provide for at least two years after their use so that you may reasonably access them. After that time, your personal information will be destroyed.


You can, at any time, access the personal information we have collected about you, modify it, or ask us to delete it. To do so, or if you have any questions or comments regarding this policy, please contact us.


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